The MXGP Argentina YPF INFINIA had its first day full gas at Patagonia Race Track. Despite the rain was present during most of the morning, spectators enjoyed a great day of motocross in this first day of the World Championship season.

Crédito de la foto: Nico Arias

Coenen and Gajser were the best in the qualifying race

Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna) surprised everyone in the MX2 qualifying race, especially Andrea Adamo (KTM), who had dominated 11 of the 13 laps of the race.

At the end, the Belgian – who had finished the first lap in seventh place – set a blistering pace and in the last five laps was the fastest in the battle with Adamo and Kay de Wolf (Husqvarna), the trio fighting for the lead.

With three laps to go, Coenen managed to overtake his team-mate, and on the next lap, he took the lead from Adamo, who had been dominating the race up to that point and eventually finished third behind the two Husqvarnas.

Among the riders in the senior class, the race was much more linear. Tim Gajser (Honda) took the lead on the first lap and had no major problems in getting away at the front followed by Romain Febvre (Kawasaki) and Paul Jonass (Honda). The front three did not have much challenge from behind to dominate the race, while the fourth place was for 2023 champion Jorge Prado (GasGas).

Among the riders in the FIM Latin American Motocross Championship, Brazilian Fabio Aparecido Dos Santos (Yamaha) was the best in qualifying for the senior class, just ahead of Argentinean Joaquín Poli (Kawasaki), who had managed to sneak into the top 11 at the start of the race but then a small slip in a corner caused him to lose positions.

In MX2 the best Latin rider was also Brazilian, in this case Guilherme Bresolin (Yamaha), with runner-up Ecuadorian Pedro José Suárez Jaramillo (KTM).

Fotos: Leandro Casanova

Voices of the riders

At the press conference, Tim Gajser (HRC) spoke about his victory in qualifying: «I had a very good start. I tried to settle into the race, I managed to hold on to first place without taking any risks, following lines. I was able to build the gap and then take control of the race. I tried to stay away from the chaos and do my race». Lucas Coenen (Husqvarna), the best MX2 rider, said: «Tomorrow I will try to do my best. The track is unpredictable, the rain has left some holes and you have to be careful».

Argentinean riders Joaquín Poli and Tomás Matkovich joined them at the press conference. The Kawasaki #179 rider said «It’s nice to be in front of all the fans. This race is very important for us. We are here to learn and also to enjoy the high level of the World Championship. I want to be in the pack». The MX2 rider talked about his debut in this race: «I am very happy to be racing for the first time in MXGP Argentina. I am here to learn about myself, the bike and them (the other riders of the World Championship). The track was rough but I managed. I’m really enjoying being here, it’s a dream».

Tomorrow comes the most awaited time of the weekend

After this great Saturday, the peak moment of the start of the 2024 season of the MX World Championship will arrive: the first two races of the year for each category. First, from 10:25hs on, we´ll have two Warm Up sessions  -one for each category. Then, we´ll enjoy the first two races of the day, MX2 (at 12:15hs) and MXGP (at 13:15hs).

Finally, the last two starts will be at 15:10hs for MX2 Race 2 and at 16:10hs for the MXGP race 2.

Sunday’s action will be broadcasted live on Fox Sports 2 between 12:00hs and 14:00hs; and then a second broadcast between 15:00hs and 17:00hs.

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